Interpretation of Scriptures

Q.1. Why is an idol or picture used for worship of God, who is formless? Are there more then one Gayatri? Ans. It is an oft-repeated question. It should be understood that basic purpose of worship is meditation and contemplation; and name and form... See More

Q.2. Why is Gayatri visualized as a young womanwith its peculiar ornaments? Ans. One should not be under the illusion that Gayatri is a living being with one mouth and two arms or five mouths and ten arms. Woman has... See More

Q.3. In what way the twenty-four emanations of Divine Mother (Matrikas) represent Gayatri? Ans. As various organs perform specific functions in the human body, the primary divine energies inherent in the Primordial Supreme Power (Adyashakti) of God have been conceived as twenty-four motherly emanations... See More

Q.4. Are Gayatri and Savitri different ? Ans. Not exactly. They are different expressions of the Supreme Power of God . As such they are opposite faces of the same coin. Gayatri (idolised with nine faces)... See More

Ans. As mentioned in the answers to Q.No. 4, Gayatri and Savitri are two sides of the same coin. Gayatri has been referred to by innumerable names. Amongst its significant twenty-four thousand aliases, 24 represent its principal emanations. Twelve of these have been idolized for practical spiritual growth and... See More

Q.6. Why is the Primordial Divine Energy (Gayatri) represented in so many forms (idols) ? Ans. God is omnipresent. The primordial Divine Energy symbolized as Gayatri take up numerous forms and functions in innumerable ways. The analogy of an actor will illustrate the point. An... See More

Q.7. Why is Gayatri represented as a deity with fivefaces? Ans. Descriptions of deities and characters in mythology showing many heads and arms are common and may appear odd and paganish to a person not familiar with the... See More

Q.8. Why is Gayatri known as Tripada- Trinity ? Ans. Gayatri is Tripada- a Trinity, since being the Primordial Divine Energy, it is the source of three cosmic qualities known as “Sat”, “Raj” and “Tam” represented in Indian spirituality by the deities... See More

Q.9. Why is Gayatri designated as Vedmata, Devmataand Vishwamata? Ans. Gayatri has been called Vedmata because it is the essence of source of Veda s. It is called Devmata because there is perpetual growth of divinity and righteousness in its devotee.... See More

Q.10. What is the relationship between Gayatri Mantraand other powers of God ? Ans. According to Savitri Upnishad, from the eternal omnipotence of God represented by Om, seven streams of divine power, known as Vyahritis, emanate. Three amongst these (Bhur ,... See More

Q.11. What is Savita? Ans. The deity for meditation on Gayatri Mantra is ‘Savita’. Savita is the cosmic power of God which provides energy to all animate and inanimate systems of the cosmos. In the Sun and other stars, for instance,... See More

Q.12. Why is Gayatri Upasana considered supreme as compared to other forms of worship ? Ans. Gayatri is the fountainhead of all streams of divine powers personified and designated as deities (Lakhyami, Durga, Saraswati etc.) Thus by invocation of Gayatri the Sadhak starts accessing divine... See More

Q.13. What are the basic aims of Gayatri Sadhana? Ans. The science of Gayatri Upasana has been developed to help human beings in ridding themselves of base animal instincts and replace them with the divine virtues. Adherence to the laws of... See More

Q.14. What is the relevance of Gayatri Upasana in the modern society ?  Ans. During the last few decades concepts of religion have been increasingly distorted by vested interests. The deliberately induced misconceptions about religion led to the miraculous... See More

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