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Q.1. Why is Gayatri Mantra regarded as Guru Mantra? Ans. Every body knows that one can learn very well under the direct guidance of a capable teacher. This, however, does not mean that a person devoid of knowledge and character... See More

Q.2. Is Diksha necessary for Sadhana ?Ans. Aspiration for salvation is the birth right of all human beings. Scriptures say that in the biological kingdom created by God three phenomena are extremely rare. One - to be born as a human amongst the innumerable species of living beings; Two -... See More

Q.3. What are the rules to be followed after taking Diksha? Ans. After initiation, the devotee is expected to maintain regularity in daily routine of worship ( Upasana ), a persistent endeavor  for developing purity in thoughts words and deeds... See More

Q.4. Will one incur divine displeasure if there are some inadvertent errors during worship ? Ans. Absolutely not. The Creator is like our Mother. The Divine Mother has only love for her children. How can She punish unless the fault is deliberate? One may contemplate... See More

Q. 5. What are indications of progress in Sadhana? Ans. After prolonged and persistent ' Sadhana ' with faith and dedication , the following characteristics appear in the devotee:- 1. Magnetism in personality ; sparkling eyes; force in speech; a... See More

Q.6.I have been doing Gayatri Sadhana regularly. Nevertheless, at times, I feel depressed and dissatisfied with my progress. What is the remedy?Ans. The feelings of occasional depression, dissatisfaction with progress and momentary loss of interest are not uncommon in course of Sadhana . In order to understand this paradoxical phenomenon,... See More

Q.7. Why is the Sadhak advised to keep the progress in Sadhana a secret? Ans. The purpose of keeping Sadhana secret is only to avoid the possibility of confusion because of multiple interactions with people, so that after dispelling all... See More

Q.8. How is Gayatri relevant for humankind in the present times ? Ans. Each individual is born with certain characteristic traits and IQ., all of which can not be explained as genetic inheritance. For instance, genetics has no explanation for the... See More

Q.9. What is "VAAM MARG" ? Ans. Yogic Sadhana s are carried out in two ways. These are designated as the 'Dakchin Marg' and 'Vaam Marg' or Tantra. References in this book pertains to the Dakchin Marg - which is the process ( Sadhana... See More

Q.10. According to the Law of Karma, everyone has to face the consequences of one's good or bad deeds. How is it then possible for Gayatri to absolve one from sins ? Ans. It has been described that Gayatri dispels the darkness of sin. It... See More

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