What are the rules to be followed after taking Diksha ?

Q.3. What are the rules to be followed after taking Diksha?

Ans. After initiation, the devotee is expected to maintain regularity in daily routine of worship ( Upasana ), a persistent endeavor  for developing purity in thoughts words and deeds by studying scriptures and interacting with saintly persons ( Sadhana ) and by donating a part of one's time and resources for welfare activities (Aradhana). Strict adherence to the routine of Upasana - Sadhana - Aradhana is essential. Nevertheless, if there are some momentary disruptions because of contingencies, one should not have any misgivings about divine displeasure, because God , like mother, is full of love, patience and forgiveness. Though certain restrictions on diet (such as vegetarianism and abstention from hard drinks) are recommended for accelerating progress in Sadhana , these are not mandatory for the beginner. The devotee has free choice of time and period of Upasana to suit his / her routine .

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