Q.1. Is Gayatri worship conditioned? (Is Gayatri ‘keelit’)? Ans. There are two methods for invoking powers of Gayatri . One the simple divine method for spiritual progress and the other an intricate method of ‘Tantra Shastra’ for immediate... See More

Q.2. What is the truth in the belief that God Brahma, and rishis Vashistha and Vishwamitra had laid a curse (shaap) that success will elude the practitioner unless he/ she recites certain verses (shlokas)?Ans. That this is baseless, is established by the following references from the scriptures:-a) Gayatri is well... See More

Q.3. Is Guru mandatory for Gayatri worship ?Ans. Gayatri is also known as Guru -Mantra i.e. to achieve a higher level of spiritual accomplishment, one needs an experienced Guru as a spiritual guide and protector. Let us draw an analogy from other fields. Some fields of learning require only books,... See More

Q.4. I have already taken Diksha (initiation) from a Guru. Will it be proper for me to seek another Guru ?Ans. There are no restrictions on choosing more than one Guru . It all depends on the type and level of achievement sought for. Ram had Vashistha as his family... See More

Q.5. Is audible chanting of Gayatri scripturally permissible ?Ans. Some people say that Gayatri Mantra being a “secret” Mantra should only be whispered in the ear during initiation. This may apply to Tantrik Mantras but not to Gayatri Mantra . According to scriptures the Ved Mantras should be chanted loudly... See More

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