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Spirituality deals with enlightening one's thoughts, emotions and intrinsic tendencies.It is the most evolved and comprehensive science of psychological, sociological  moral development, and ultimate progress. It brightens the intellect together with inculcation of sensitivity towards fellow beings and towards the grace of nature. There is no place of superstitions,fantasy of... See More

Spiritual LifeArticles Related to Spirituality life हिन्दी आलेख् व किताबे  अध्यात्मिक जिवन के उपर आध्यात्मिक जीवन इस तरह जियें भौतिक और आध्यात्मिक जीवन की तुलना आध्यात्मिक जीवन जीएँ, मनोरोगों से दूर रहें आध्यात्मिक जीवन के पाँच पक्ष जीवन के परिष्कार का आध्यात्मिक प्रयोग गायत्री साधना मनोविज्ञान : तनाव का उपचार आध्यात्मिक जीवन ... See More

Kundalini : The Serpentine Fire of Super Vital Force One of the most talked about, mysterious and hard disciplines of spiritual yoga is the kundalini sadhana . The philosophy of this grand sadhana deals with the awakening, transformation and refinement of kama (sex-energy). The awakened power of kundalini transforms or reorients... See More

The science of spirituality deals with all the subtle and physical level of the conscious body. Experts of this science can perform supernatural experiments on the physical body. They experience more and more blissfulness as they realize higher and subtler levels of consciousness. The five important levels of the human... See More

Brahma started his work and created two kinds of creation, Chaitanya (animate) and Jad (inanimate). All living beings having desire, consciousness and ego fall under Chaitanya creation. This is an independent creation which is known as Pranmaya-kosh of the universe. Chaitanya (animate) element pervades the entire universe and is known... See More

Scientific SpiritualityThe universe comes out of the union of two fundamental forces: matter (jada, or ’that which gives shape’) and consciousness (chetan). These are also respectively known as prakrati (the manifested form) and purusha (the invisible enlivening spirit). Both have their own merits when considered in isolation; however, it is... See More

Materialism and SpiritualityRead Following article from 1968 Akhand Jyoti .अध्यात्मवादी भौतिकता अपनाई जाय ब्यवहारिक अध्यात्मवाद की ओर... See More

A sincere and serious seeker of Truth, Nachiketa, inquires Yamaraj, The Lord of Death. " Yeyam prate vicikitsa manushye, Astityeke nayastiti caike Aitad vidya manushishtas twaya ham Varanamesh varastritiyah " .. Kathopanishad 1/20"Oh Lord! Some people say soul exists, some say this body itself is the soul; while others say... See More

Samadhiआत्मा की अमरता कल्पना मात्र नहीं ( समाधी और् विज्ञान) प्रत्याहार, धारणा, ध्यान, और समाधि... See More

Upanishad's (Vedanta) TeachingUpanishads are invaluable repositories of vedic knowledge. These are supreme scriptures of Veda ntic Philosophy   containing the ultimate knowledge of the individual self, soul and the Brahm. Upanishads are also regarded as the source of multiple streams of Indian Philosophy . The spiritual acumen and enlightened vision of... See More

The science of spirituality defines mind as a ‘sense organ’ of the soul . Dreams are identified as the expressions of the signals transmitted or received by the inner cores of this subtle sensor. Intensity and perspicuity of dreams and the depths of the knowledge conveyed by them increases with... See More

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