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Upanishad's (Vedanta) Teaching

Upanishads are invaluable repositories of vedic knowledge. These are supreme scriptures of Veda ntic Philosophy   containing the ultimate knowledge of the individual self, soul and the Brahm. Upanishads are also regarded as the source of multiple streams of Indian Philosophy . The spiritual acumen and enlightened vision of the rishis pervades in the shlokas and mantras of the Upanishads. Their message is perennially inspiring and is as important and relevant to mankind today, as it was when first revealed in the Vedic Age. Upanishads are eternal treatises of the perceivable as well as the sublime domains of knowledge, preeminent guidebooks for the seekers of true light and unalloyed bliss, and are scriptures of inclusive and integrative teachings for the all-round growth of the mundane as well as spiritual aspects of life . Here is how Sri Aurobindo has summed up the vision of Veda nta: "The rooted and fundamental conception of Veda nta is that there exists somewhere, could we find it, available to experience or self revelation, if denied to intellectual research , a single truth comprehensive and universal in the light of which the whole of existence would stand revealed and explained both in its nature and its end. .Read Complete Article..

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