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A sincere and serious seeker of Truth, Nachiketa, inquires Yamaraj, The Lord of Death. " Yeyam prate vicikitsa manushye, Astityeke nayastiti caike Aitad vidya manushishtas twaya ham Varanamesh varastritiyah " .. Kathopanishad 1/20

"Oh Lord! Some people say soul exists, some say this body itself is the soul; while others say that soul does not exist after death. Please tell me  what is the truth? This is my third boon you have promised to grant me". Like Nachiketa, any human being, who has deeply involved himself in Tapa- Sadhana , Yoga or long-term meditation and contemplation practices but has not yet realized his immortal self-identity, remains in this inquisitive state. Does the soul exist or not ?..............
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Veda nt. 31/3/54. " That is "Body and soul are not one and the same. In the absence of the soul, body can not have perception of anything". The principles regarding the immortality of the soul and its independent existence apart from the body that were propounded by our sages are now getting validated on the touchstone of science. In this connection, great significance is being attached to the living cells forming the body. Dr. Stanley and his colleagues of the Rockefeller Institute of America have done rigorous research to find .................
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हिन्दी आलेख् व किताबे आत्मा पर

आत्मा वा अरे ज्ञातव्य:
आत्मा का अस्तित्व झुठलाया न जाय
आत्मा न नारी है न नर
आत्मा शरीर से भिन्न है और स्वतंत्र भी
हे मानव! तू पहले अपनी आत्मा को पहिचान
आत्मा की परमात्मा से पुकार
आत्मा में परमात्मा का अवतरण
आत्मा को जानिये
जाग्रत् आत्माओं का अंशदान अपेक्षित
हमारी आत्मा मर ही जाएगी क्या?
सत्य स्वारुप आत्मा
आत्मा का आदेश
आत्मा के प्रकाश मे चलिए

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