What is Panchkosh

The science of spirituality deals with all the subtle and physical level of the conscious body. Experts of this science can perform supernatural experiments on the physical body. They experience more and more blissfulness as they realize higher and subtler levels of consciousness. The five important levels of the human consciousness are 

(1) The  physical Consciousness (Annamaya Kos) which is manifested in the activities of hormones and enzymes etc. 
(2) The Awakened Consciousness (Pranmaya Kos) which is active in the form of bioelectricity 
(3) The Psychic Consciousness (Manomaya Kos) which gives rise to biomagnetism. 
(4)   The intuitive Consciousness (Vigyanmaya Kos) 
(5) The beatitudinous consciousness (Anandmaya Kos) which subtly exists in the reticular Activating System in the Cortical Nuclei.

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ब्रह्माण्ड का पंचकोशी शरीर  पंच प्राण, पाँच अग्नियाँ एवं पंचकोश

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