Materialism and Spirituality

Materialism and Spirituality

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अध्यात्मवादी भौतिकता अपनाई जाय
ब्यवहारिक अध्यात्मवाद की ओर
सबसे पहले अध्यात्मवाद की शिक्षा प्राप्त कीजिए
ब्यावहारिक अध्यात्मवाद

There are two aspects of human life : one that relates to the physical body materialism; and the other that relates to the inner self (the soul ) spirituality . Materialism means an inclination towards acquiring material possessions and comforts; in short, it is a tendency to lead a life in which pleasures of the body are given preference above anything else. Spirituality means, centered and established on the soul , that is, activities in life are decided keeping in mind the awakening of the soul . Normally a persons .. Read this complete article Materialism and Spirituality: Two ways of Living

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