What is "VAAM MARG" ?

Q.9. What is "VAAM MARG" ?

Ans. Yogic Sadhana s are carried out in two ways. These are designated as the 'Dakchin Marg' and 'Vaam Marg' or Tantra. References in this book pertains to the Dakchin Marg - which is the process ( Sadhana ) of attracting the omnipresent powers of divinity, interacting with them by developing spiritual magnetism and cultivating paranormal faculties therefrom. The Vaam Marg, on the other hand, is the technique of pulling out bio-energy from living beings and utilizing it for exercising psychic control over others and for exorcist activities. The source of Tantrik power is not the universal divine powers, but the physical energy produced by friction of subtle particles of nature rotating around their axes at tremendous speeds. Tantriks call this energy as Durga or Kali. In practice, the Tantrik excites the bio-energy of an animate being by violently killing it or inflicting excruciating pain on it by extraction of flesh or blood. It is tempting for some highly egoistic and ambitious persons to acquire extraordinary powers through Tantra, But its practice is extremely complex and dangerous. Only an extraordinarily courageous and fearless person learning under an expert can achieve success in Tantra. There are numerous instances of persons becoming mentally deranged, permanently paralyzed sick, losing power of speech, sight or hearing in course of Tantrik practices. The details of Tantra have, therefore, been kept secret and out of reach of common man. In ancient times Tantra was used for welfare activities like self-defence,  espionage, treatment of terminally ill and for enhancing the intelligence quotient of mentally retarded. The practice is now extremely rare.

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