What are Vyahritis ?

Q.7. What are “Vyahritis” ?

Ans. The Gayatri Mantra begins with enunciation of “Om” (Amen in Christianity and Aameen in Islam are its variants). “Om” is believed to be resonating all over the cosmos as the primordial sound. Spiritual-science considers it as one of the cosmic representations of omnipresent GOD (Shabda Brahma or Nad Brahma). Devotees attempt to simulate “Om” in audible frequencies by blowing in a conch shell, sounding a gong, ringing a large bell or simply by pronouncing “O-O-O-M”.

The ‘Vyahritis’ Bhoor, Bhuwaha and Swaha are the three amongst the five elemental streams of primordial energy emanating from “Om” (Ref. Gayatri Tatva Bodh). Spiritual-science refers to these streams as Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The sustainer), Mahesh (The Destroyer). The three primary attributes of animate and inanimate components of the cosmos - Sat, Raj and Tam are also known as Vyahritis. Though not part of the text of ‘ Gayatri Mantra’, the ‘Vyahritis’ are considered as the fountainhead (Shirsha) of this Mantra and are used as its prefix.

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