Know more about Family Development / परिवार का विकास कैसे करे ?

Family- life is the backbone of the entire social organization. Happiness, peace and heavenly atmosphere of prosperity depend only on its excellence.In this section the mantras which can make our lives bright and praiseworthy have been given. These mantras explain the importance of a happy family, a confident and cultured woman  and health .

"Anuvrataha pituhu putro""maatraa bhavatu summanaahaa"
"jaayaa patye madhumatim""vaachum vadatu shuntivaam"

Meaning: In an ideal home, children are obedient to their parents. The parents are well-wishers of their children. The husband and wife’s mutual relationship is sweet and happy. Only such families always thrive and are happy.
"Tamasmera yuvatayom yuvaanum""marmrujayamaanaaha pari yantyaapaha"
"Sa shukrebhihi shik bhi revadasme""Didaayaanidhmo ghrutanirnigapsu."

Meaning:   Those young men and young women should marry whose hearts are clean and pure. A man possessing physical strength should brighten his family by getting married.

"Akshyow naou madhusankaashe""anikum naou samanjanum"
"Antaha krunushya maam hrudi""mana eennaou sahaasati"

Meaning: Let us husband and wife, look at each other with the gaze of love, always speak sweet words and reside in each other’s heart. Let us be two bodies but with one mind only.

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