More on Self Realization

Laws of science of spirituality state that in course of its progressive evolution, the Soul of a being inhabits bodies of successively higher, more evolved species of biological kingdom and birth as a human being is the culmination of this evolution.Vices like lust, anger, greed, infatuation and cravings for sensory... See More

The simple and natural method of communion with God is in knowing one's true immortal Self, appreciating dignity of human life, finding out the specific role of human species in the creation of God, and thereafter start functioning without any ego-centered motive as the Manager of His estate; whatever part... See More

Generally people accept the concept of immortality of the Soul on the basis of inherited faith or tradition, but there lurks a doubt about its authenticity. Let us not accept this concept blindly without reasoning. It could be hearsay? If you are told to sit for meditation and are asked... See More

Try as you may with the farthest range of imagination, you will never succeed in going beyond the Soul. You will never believe that this 'I' is ever non-existent. This 'I' (the Soul) is a drop of that absolute, indestructible, immutable, ocean of consciousness, which we call God. The Soul... See More

This world is an ocean of life and energy. The soul is progressively evolving in this medium and in this process taking what is necessary and discarding what is not. Nature is not unintelligent, inert or dead. Each particle of what we call physical matter is also instinct with intelligence... See More

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