Attributes of an Enlightened person

An enlightened person feels an intuitive affinity with everything in the creation. To him, nothing in the world appears alien, ugly, despicable or unworthy of close intimacy He does not consider the nests of the birds less significant than his personal residence. Such an elevated level of empathetic enlightenment is not only essential for spiritual progress but also a necessity for the well-being and happiness of the world. It intuitively promotes the feeling of universal brotherhood. From this exalted level of consciousness, the world is revealed in its true perspective and the awakened seer knows how to interact with equanimity under all circumstances. Once a seeker rises to this awakened awareness and vision, all attributes of nobility - love, compassion, selfless service, fearlessness, balance and poise - automatically become part of his nature and all traces of evil traits and impulses fall away like dry autumn leaves before the onset of spring.

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