नए युग की नींव

Gayatri is known as Adya Shakti because Brahma who was born from the Navel lotus of Vishnu was directed to take support of this Maha Mantra for creation. Brahma worshipped it and performed tap and brought forth all animate and inanimate creation.

This great power will now be known as the power of a new golden era because the deadly poisons permeating the atmosphere, environment and minds and hearts of human-beings can be neutralised only with the help of collective Sadhana  of this Mantra. The new era is also descending in the form of Pragya (Enlightened Intelligence) movement, or Pragyavtar. The next era will be known as Pragya Yug  (Era of Enligntenment). It can also be called Satyug.

What will prevail in the new era, what ideologies will be adopted, have all been described in detail in Gayatri Geeta, Gayatri-Smriti and Gayatri Manjari. The sum and substance of this enunciation is that the people of the world will soon live like one family. There will emerge one unifying spiritual vision, making  the earth a happy home for all the peoples and nations of the world, united in universal love, understanding and good will. It will be true unity in diversity Sovereign nation states will become obsolete. None will be poor or rich. This earth is mother of all. All humankind will unite together to use its bounties. Glaring economic and social disparities will be eradicated. Everybody will get according to his  need and will have to work according to his capacity. Everyone will live on his own self-earned income. Nobody will subsist on ill-begotten money. None will get an opportunity to give unearned wealth through inheritance and indulge in riotous merry making.

No country will be allowed to subjugate a neighboring country to fulfill  its selfish ends. This one world organization will have a combined judicial system and there will be one peace keeping force directly under the global government. Disputes will be settled by Panchayats. It will be the duty of the global government to check any infringement of universally accepted and acclaimed laws of harmonious collective living. Immorality, atrocities, blind faith, evil traditions, foolishness etc. will become things of the past. None will be required to indulge in litigation to get  justice. Women will command greater respect than men. Family planning will be strictly enforced so that the world population is stabilized . Universal education and health will be the responsibility of the state. Old persons will also work in accordance with their capacity. Everyone will have to adopt the principle of simple living and high thinking. Nobody will be allowed to usurp the fundamental rights of anybody else. Culprits will be given exemplary deterrent punishment.
People will earn money for livelihood in a limited time. The rest of the time will be utilized in self-refinement and in rendering selfless service for the good of others. Retirement will not mean a permit for idleness. Not only his family but society as a whole will get benefit of the wisdom and talents of an old person. Scientific discoveries will be applied more in the field of spiritual upliftment rather than for increase of physical or material well-being. Spiritual super-science will get preference over material science. 

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