गायत्री की महिमा

It is difficult to fathom the root cause of the astonishing demonstrations of Gayatri Sadhana. Right from Brahma, the Creator of this universe, down to the present era, all the rishis, saints, spiritual seers and seekers have demonstrated the beneficent effects of the chanting of Gayatri mantra. No other mantra has been worshipped and chanted as much as Gayatri Mantra. Since ages highly elevated souls have been practising Gayatri Sadhana. Thus, a huge mass of highly elevated spiritual energy has been accumulated in subtle celestial spheres (loks) enveloping the earth.

It is a scientific truth that no sound or idea ever perishes. Whatever is uttered or thought today will spread in the space along with its waves and will remain there till infinity in some state or the other. Waves which are most powerful remain specifically alive. Scientists are trying to catch waves set in motion during the Mahabharat battle and those of the music of Tansen. If they succeed, we will be able to listen to sounds of important conversations which took place in ancient times. It will then be possible to listen Geeta directly emanating from the mouth of Lord Krishna. Although, it may not be possible to transform sounds and thoughts into material forms in near future, it is certain that they do not vanish into nothingness. The faith and devotion towards Gayatri which have been nourished by countless persons still exist with all their potentialities in the subtle realm. According to the principle of convergence of all homogeneous elements at one point, the faith, devotion, sentiments and devout austerity of all the devotees have combined to contribute to the accumulation of a huge store of conscious spiritual energy.

Those who are acquainted a little with the science of thinking know that a magnetic field of the type in which a person thinks is created in his mind. This magnetism attracts thoughts of similar nature permeating the entire space and in a short time there is a vast accumulation of similar kinds of thoughts. Persons who think about gentlemanliness become more and more charged with righteous thoughts, virtues, tendencies and nature. In the same way a sinful mind becomes all the more so in a short time. All this happens according to the science of attraction of identical thoughts, according to which thoughts of all divine souls who were devotees of Gayatri right from the beginning of this creation get inter-linked. It is difficult even for a strong man to climb over a high wall but if a ladder or a stair-case is provided, anybody can climb over it easily. With the help of the stair-case built by the devotees of Gayatri in the past we can easily attain the  fruits of Gayatri Sadhana .

We get enriched suddenly and spontaneously with all the boons of Gayatri Sadhana for which great seekers in the past had put in extremely hard labor. By these past Sadhanas powerful energy fields have been created in the subtle spheres by tuning into which we can march ahead with great speed. A drop of water, when it falls in the ocean, becomes the ocean itself. A person recruited in the army becomes part and parcel of the army. In the same way, a Sadhak who gets linked  with the accumulated power of Gayatri derives all its benefits. No other Ved-Mantra possesses so  much radiant and puissant energy as Gayatri Mantra. It is for this reason that immense benefits are obtained through Gayatri Sadhana with the least effort.

Even then we find that most of the people do no take advantage of it although they know its importance. A person may have ample money in his possession but if he does not use it and enjoy it, it can only be considered his misfortune. Gayatri is divine knowledge which has been made available by God to us. Rishis and saints  have been directing us at every step in the scriptures to take advantage of  Gayatri  Sadhana. Yet, if we do not perform  Sadhana and get its benefit, it our misfortune and nothing else.

Gayatri is Spiritual Triveni

Some instances about the importance of Gayatri have been furnished in the fore-going pages. It is difficult to  consolidate and publish all of them. Ganga, Geeta, Gau (cow) and Gayatri, these four are pillars  of Indian culture. Every person who believes in Hindu religion reveres them like Mother and feels a special sense of mutual bonding with all others with similar faith.

Gayatri has been called spiritual Triveni. The confluence of Ganga and Yamuna creates an invisible, subtle, divine river which is known as Saraswati and the confluence of these three is known as Triveni. On account of this Triveni, Prayag is called king of all the Teerths. In the same way Gayatri is Triveni of the spiritual world.Its first letter ‘ga’  is suggestive of Ganga, second letter ‘ya’ of Yamuna and third letter ‘tri’ of Triveni. Several trios viz.

(1) Sat, Chit, Anand,

(2) Satyam (truth), Shivam, Sundaram (beauty)

(3) Sat, Raj, Tam,

(4) Ishwar (God) Jeev (soul) Prakriti (quality),

(5) Rik, Yaju, Sam

(6) Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya

(7) Gun (virtue), Karma (action), Swabhav (nature),

(8) Shaishav (childhood), Yauvan (youth), Budhapa (old age),

(9) Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh,

(10) Utpatti (creation), Vridhi (growth), Nash (destruction)

(11) Sardi (winter), Garmi (summer) Varsha (rainy season)

(12) Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kam (sensual enjoyment),

(13) Akash (space), Patal (nether-most world), Prithvi (earth),

(14) Dev (God), Manushya (man), Asur (demon) etc.

are interwoven and lie embedded in Gayatri chand. One who observes deeply by meditation and contemplation, these trinities gets the same spiritual merit as one gets in the material world by taking a dip in Triveni. These various trios represent various kinds of problems which the Sadhak is required to face and by solving which he attains the ultimate goal of self-realization.

The three currents of Triveni appear to be vast, deep and daunting. In the same way, Gayatri Sadhana appears to be very difficult. But just as fear disappears and tranquilizing cheerfulness is attained by taking a dip in Triveni, so also by thinking, contemplating and probing deep into various aspects of  Gayatri Sadhana a person attains such spiritual insight which inspires him to follow righteous path and ultimately leads him to eternal peace and bliss. Gayatri, undoubtedly, is spiritual Triveni, it is teerathraj because the philosophy underlying it is easy, simple, and intelligible and it leads to perennial happiness.

The importance and glory of Gayatri is infinite. Ved, puran, shastras, history, rishis, saints,  house-holders all acknowledge its importance. It has a marvellous power of changing our outlook towards life. If our perverted thinking and mental back-ground are set right, our desires, aspirations, thoughts and sentiments get refined, we can rise higher than even the gods. Gayatri Sadhana can emancipate us from bondage to hellish perversions, of envy, hatred, malice, ill will etc, thus manifesting in our lives the Divine attributes of Satyam, Shivam and Sundram.

Tripada Gayatri

Gayatri has three phases and so it is called tripada. It is also called tripada because it is Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata. Vedas have originated from Gayatri mantra and so it is known as Vedmata. It is Devmata because  it helps in manifestation of divine virtues (gun), actions (karma) and nature (swabhav). It gives inspiration for establishment of universal family “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and so it is known as Vishwamata. It enjoins to regard every human being as one’s own self. It advocates lofty thinking, ideal character and polite behaviour. It is known as Guru-mantra which means that of all the Mantras, it is the best and supreme. Gayatri Mantra was the first lesson to be taught in the schools in the ancient times and students were explained that the purpose of education is to attain spiritual wisdom. It directs cultivation of human dignity and observance of self-imposed rules and regulations. Education and learning are meaningful only if these factors are kept in view. The letters of Gayatri mantra are interwoven in such a manner that by their utterance special vibrations are created and the secret subtle centres of energy within the Sadhak get activated and awakened, manifesting their paranormal potencies.

The origin of Universe is said to be the manifestation of God's (Omnipresence Consciousness) wish to express thyself in multiple forms. Being the original source of the creation, existence and manifestation of Nature and the universe, this supreme power was named Adi Shakti or (Gayatri). In other words Adi Shakti,... See More

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