Gayatri Sadhana As Eulogised In The Ancient Scriptures

Some extracts from the ancient scriptures are being given here about advantages and importance of Gayatri Sadhana.

One can get a glimpse of the advantages which accrue as a result of Gayatri Jap from the following spiritual quotations. It has specifically been enjoined to be essential for brahmans whose main preoccupation is search   and cultivation of spiritual wisdom. A person gets such wisdom on following the path indicated by Gayatri.

                                                       " सर्वेषां वेदानां गुह्योपनिषत्सारभूतां ततो गायत्रीं जपेत् |"       - छान्दोग्य: परिशिष्टम्

‘ Gayatri Jap should be performed daily as it is the essence of all Vedas and sacred Upnishads.
                                                       " सर्ववेदसारभूता गायत्र्यास्तु समर्चना |"
                                                          ब्रह्मदयोस्पि सन्ध्यायां तां ध्यायन्ति जपन्ति चा ||
        - देवीभागवत स्क |६ अ. १६/१५

Sadhana of Gayatri Mantra is the essence of all Vedas. Even Gods like Brahma medidate on and perform Jap of Gayatri at the time of twilights.   
                                                       "गायत्री मात्र निष्णातो द्विजो मोक्षमवाप्नुयात् |"     - दे.भा.स्क १२,अ८/९०
A Brahman who has mastered Gayatri alone attains salvation.
                                                        "योश्धीतेषन्येतां त्रीणि वर्षाण्यतन्द्रित:
                                                          स ब्रह्म परमभ्येति वायुभूत: खमूर्तिमान ||"   
- मनुस्मृति

One who steadfastly performs Gayatri Jap daily with wakefulness for three years realises Brahma and, like air, acquires the power of free and unhindered movement.

                                                        " कुर्यादन्यत्र वा कुयति इति प्राह मानु: स्वयं |
                                                         अक्षयमोक्षमवाप्नोति गायत्रीमात्रजापनात ||"   
- शौनक

Manu himself has stated that although a dwij may or may not perform worship of any other deity, he will attain absolute salvation by performing Gayatri Jap alone.

                                                      " ओंकार पूर्विकास्तिस्त्रो गायत्रीं यश्च विन्दति |
                                                         चरितब्रह्मचर्यश्च स वै श्रोत्रिय उच्यते ||"       
  - योगी याज्ञ॰
A person who exercises self-restraint, controls his senses and performs Gayatri Jap along with “Onkar” and ‘vyahrities’ is known as “shroutriya”.
                                                      " सन्ध्यासु चार्घ्र्यदानं च गायत्री जपमेव च |
                                                         सहस्त्रत्रितयं कुर्वन सुरै: पूज्यो भवेन्मुने ||"    
  - गायत्री तंत्र ९
Merely by offering water to the sun and performing Jap of three thousand Gayatri Mantras at the time of twi-lights, a person becomes beloved of God.
                                                     " सर्वेषांचैव पापानां संकरे समुपस्थिते
                                                        दशसहस्त्रकाभ्यासो गायत्र्या: शोधनं परम ||"

Jap of Gayatri Mantra ten thousand times  destroys all miseries and  sins and purifies a person.
                                                        "गायत्रीमेव यो ज्ञात्वा सम्यगुच्चरते पुन: ।
                                                          इहामुत्र च पूज्योsसॉ ब्रह्मलोकमवाप्नुयात ॥"

One who has mastered Gayatri and properly chants it, is revered in this world and in heaven and ultimately attains Brahmalok (salvation)
                                                         " मोक्षाय च मुमुक्षूणां श्रीकामानां श्रियैतथा । 
                                                            विजयाय युयुत्सूनां व्याधितानामरोगकृत ॥"  
- गायत्री पंचांग
Persons aspiring to get salvation get salvation, those aspiring to get wealth, get wealth, persons fighting in battle get victory and those suffering from disease get sound health by Gayatri Sadhana.
                                                        " विधिना नियतं ध्यायेत प्राप्नोति परमंपदम ।
                                                           यथा कथंचिज्जपिता गायत्री पापहारिनणी ॥
                                                           सर्व्वकामप्रदा प्रोक्ता पृथक्कर्म्मासु निष्टिता ॥"

Jap of Gayatri performed in any manner destroys sins, and fulfils all desires. It is, however, certain that the ultimate goal of self-realization is attained if it is meditated upon systematically.
Ancient scriptures have severely condemned persons who do not know Gayatri or, knowing it, fail to worship it. Persons who are irregular  in  Sadhana on account of laziness or want of faith have been advised to be careful and take up this excellent Sadhana.

                                                        " गायत्र्युपासना नित्या सर्ववेदै: समीरिता ।
                                                           यया विना त्वध: पातो ब्रह्मणस्यास्ति सर्वथा ॥"   
        - दे॰ भा॰
Daily worship of Gayatri has been described in all the Vedas. A Brahman devoid of Gayatri is doomed in all respects.
                                                        " सांगांश्च चातुरो वेदानधीत्यापि सवाड्. मयान ।
                                                           गायत्रीं यो न जानाति वृथा तस्य पारिश्र्म: ॥"    
     - यो॰ याग्यवल्यक्य
A man may know all the four Vedas very well but all his labour goes waste if he does not realise the pre-eminence of Gayatri Mantra.

                                                         " गायत्रीं य: परित्यज्य चान्यमन्त्रमुपासते ।
                                                            न साफल्यमवाप्नोति कल्प्कोटिशतैरपि ॥"    
  - बृ॰ सन्ध्या भाष्ये
A Person who worships a Mantra other than Gayatri cannot get success even if he takes millions of births.
                                                         " विहाय तां तु गायत्री विष्णुपासनतत्पर: ।
                                                            शिवोपासनतो विप्रो नरकं याति सर्वथा ॥"     
   - देवी भागवत
A Brahman who gives up Gayatri Jap goes to hell although he may worship Vishnu or Shiv.

                                                                  "एवं यस्तु विजानाति गायत्रीं ब्राह्मणस्तु स: ।
                                                                    अन्यथा शूद्रधर्मा स्याद वेदानामपि पारग: ॥"   
   - यो॰ याग्यवल्यक्य

One who knows Gayatri and performs Gayatri Jap is Brahman. Otherwise he is like a Shudra although he may be well-versed in Vedas.
                                                         "न ब्राह्मणो वेदपाठनादपि ।
                                                          देव्यास्त्रिकालामभ्यासाद ब्राह्मण: स्याद द्विजो न्यथा ॥"
    - बृ॰ सन्ध्या भाष्ये
A person cannot become Brahman by studying Vedas and Shastras alone. He becomes Brahman only if he worships Gayatri three times daily.Importance of Gayatri described in Scriptures. The Vedas, Shastras, Purans proclaim the importance of Gayatri. In Atharva-Ved, the following prayer has been offered to Gayatri in which it has been described as one which gives longevity, energy (Pran Shakti), domestic animals, fame, wealth and spiritual splendour (Brahma-tej).

                                                         "स्तुता मया वरदा वेदमाता प्रचोदायन्तां पावमानी द्विजानाम ।
                                                           आयु: प्राणं प्रजां पशुं कीर्तिं द्रविणं ब्रह्मवर्चसम ॥   
          - अथर्ववेद १९ १७-१
Almighty God in the form of Vedas has stated in Atharva-Ved “May Vedmata Gayatri to whom I offer prayer, purify dwijas (brahmans) and grant them longevity, spiritual vital energy (Pran), animals, fame, wealth and spiritual splendour’’.

                                                            "यथा मधु च पुष्पेभ्यो घृतं दुग्धाद्रसात्पय: ।
                                                              एवं हि सर्ववेदानां गायत्रीं सार उच्यते ॥"     
  - व्यास
Just as honey, ghrit and water or milk are the essence of flowers, milk and taste (ras) respectively, so also Gayatri Mantra is the essence of all the Vedas.
                                                           "तदित्यृच: समो नास्ति मंत्रो वेदचतुष्टये ।
                                                             सर्वे वदाश्च यज्ञाश्च दानानि च तपांसि च ।
                                                             समानि कलया प्राहुर्मुनयो न तदित्यृच: ॥"    
   - विश्वामित्र
Rishis and seers say that there is no other Mantra like Gayatri Mantra in all the four Vedas. Ved, Yagya, dan (donation, charity), tap are not equivalent even to a fraction of Gayatri Mantra.
                                                            "गायत्रीं छन्दसां मातेति ।"    - महारण्यक: उपनिषद्
Gayatri is mother of Vedas.
                                                           "त्रिभ्य एव तु वेदेभ्य: पादम्पादमदूदुहत ।
                                                            तदित्यृचोस्या: सावित्र्या: परमेष्ठी प्रजापति: ॥"   
  - मनु स्मृति
God Prajapati Brahma created three-stepped  Gayatri as the essence of three Vedas.

                                                           "गायत्रीं चैव वेदाश्च ब्रह्मणा तोलिता पुरा ।
                                                            वेदेभ्यश्च चतुरर्भ्योsपि गायत्र्यतिगरीयसी ॥"   
- बृ॰ पाराशर स्मृति
In old days Brahma weighed  Gayatri against Vedas and found that Gayatri weighed heavier than all the four Vedas put together.

                                                           "गायत्र्यास्तु परत्रास्ति शोधनं पापकर्मणाम ।
                                                            महाव्याह्व्रति संयुक्ता प्रणवेन च संजपेत ॥"

Gayatri Mantra with pranav and three Vyahritis should be uttered and meditated upon because there is no Mantra as efficacious in destroying sins as Gayatri Mantra.

                                                           "नात्रतोयसमं दानं न चाहिंसापरं तप: ।
                                                            न गायत्रीं  समं जाप्यं न व्याह्वति समं हुतम ॥"   
  - बृ॰ पाराशर स्मृति
There is no greater charity than giving food and water to the needy, no greater austerity than non-violence, no greater Jap than Gayatri jap, no Yagya greater than chanting of Vyahritis.   (भूर्भुव: स्व:)

                                                           ‘‘हस्तत्राण्र्रदा देवी पततां नरकार्णवे।
                                                            तस्मात्तामभ्यसेन्नित्यं ब्राह्ह्यद्धमणो हृदये शुचि:॥’’

Gayatri holds the hands of a person  falling in the ocean of hell and rescues him. A dwij should, therefore, perform Gayatri Jap daily  with a pure heart.

                                                          ‘‘सारभूतास्तु वेदानां गुह्योयोपनिषदो मता:।
                                                            ताभ्य: सारस्तु गायत्री तिस्रो स्रयाहृतयस्तथा॥   
   - योगी याज्ञ०
Upnishads are the essence of the Vedas and Gayatri alongwith its three Vyahritis is the essence  of Upnishads.

                                                          ‘‘गायत्री वेदजननी गायत्री पापनाशिनी।
                                                           गायत्र्यास्तु परन्नास्ति दिवि चेह च पावनम्॥’’

Gayatri is mother of Vedas. It is destroyer of sins. There is no other Mantra  more sacred and purifying than Gayatri Mantra on this earth as well as in the heaven.

                                                          ‘‘यद्यथाग्रिर्देवानां ब्राह्ह्यद्धमणो मनुष्याणाम्।
                                                            वसन्तऋतूनामियं गायत्री चास्ति छन्दसाम्।’’   
- गोपथ ब्राह्मण
Just as Fire is the greatest amongst all the Vedic deities, Brahman is best among men and the spring is best of all the seasons Gayatri chhand is the best of all the Vedic metres
                                                           ‘‘नास्ति गंगा समं तीर्थं न देव: केशवात्पर:।
                                                             गायत्र्यास्तु परं जाप्यं न भूतं न भविष्यति॥’’   
- यो० याज्ञ०
There is no teerth like Ganga, no God like Keshav. So also there has been, is and will be no Jap as beneficial  as Gayatri Jap.

                                                                    ‘‘सर्वेषां ज्रसूक्तानामृचश्च यजुषां यथा।
                                                                      सामं चैकक्षरादीनां गायत्री परमोजप:॥’’     
   - बृ० पाराशर स्मृति   

Of all the Suktas, of  Rik, Yaju, and Sam and the Divine Om (Pranav) Jap of Gayatri Mantra is the best.
                                                           ‘‘एकाक्षरं परं ब्रह्म प्राणायाम: परन्तप:।
                                                             सावित्र्यास्तु परन्नास्ति पावनं परमं स्मृतम्॥’’ 
   - मनुस्मृति
Ekakshar which means Om is Parabraham, Pranayam is great tap. However, nothing is more purifying than Gayatri Mantra.

                                                           ‘‘सोमादित्यान्वया: सर्वे राघवा: कुरवस्तथा।
                                                            पठन्ति शुचयो नित्यं सावित्रीं परमां गतिम्॥’’  
   - महाभारत अनु० पर्व
O Yudhistir, all persons belonging to Chandra Vansh, Surya Vansh, Raghu Vansh and Kuru Vansh used to perform Gayatri Jap daily after proper ablution.

                                                            ‘‘बहुना किमिहोक्तेन यथावत्ह्यद्ध सास्द्धु सास्द्धिता।
                                                             द्विजन्मानामियं विद्या सिद्घिकाम-दुघा स्मृता॥’’

It is no exaggeration to state that mastery in Gayatri Sadhana is Kamdhenu for the dwijas.

                                                             ‘‘सर्ववेदोद्ह्धृत: सारो मन्त्रोऽयं समुदाहृत:।
                                                              ब्रह्मादिदेवा गायत्री पमात्मा समीरित:॥’’

Gayatri is the sum and substance of all the Vedas. Gayatri is Brahma. Gayatri is Almighty God.

                                                             ‘‘या नित्या ब्रह्मगायत्री सैव गंगा न संशय:।
                                                              सर्वतीर्थमयी गंगा तेन गंगा प्रकीर्र्तिता॥’’

Ganga is known as such because it incorporates all the Teerthas. It is a form of Brahma Gayatri.

                                                             ‘‘सर्वशास्त्रमयी गीता गायत्री सैव निश्चिता।
                                                              गयातीर्थं च गोलोकं गायत्रीरूपमदभुतम्॥’’   
- गायत्री तंत्र
Geeta contains all the shastras. Geeta is nothing but a form of Gayatri. Gaya teerth and Golok are also froms of Gayatri.

                                                             ‘‘अशुचिर्वा शुचिर्वापि गच्छन्तिष्ठन् यथा तथा।
                                                               गायत्रीं प्रजपेद्धीमान् जपात पापान्निवर्तते॥’’ 

Whether a man is pure or impure, is sitting or walking, in whatever condition a wise man may be, he should perform Gayatri Jap. A man gets rid of all sins by this Jap.

                                                             ‘‘मननात् पापतस्त्राति मननात् स्वर्गमश्रुते।
                                                               मननात् मोक्षमाप्नोति चतुर्वर्गमयो भवेत्॥’’   
     - गायत्री तंत्र
By contemplating on Gayatri, sins are destroyed, heaven is attained and a man accomplishes all the four basic pursuits viz. Dharma  (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kam (worldly pleasures) and mokshya (salvation).

                                                             ‘‘गायत्रीं तु परित्यज्य अन्यमन्त्रानुपासते।
                                                                त्यक्त्वा सिद्घान्नमन्यत्र भिक्षामटति दुर्मति:॥’’

Those who worship Mantras other than Gayatri are fools like those who abandon prepared food and wander about begging food.

                                                              ‘‘नित्ये नैमित्तिके काम्ये तृतीये तपवर्धने।
                                                                 गायत्र्यास्तु परं नास्ति इह लोके परत्र च॥’’

Nothing is greater than Gayatri in this as well as other worlds for  success in performance of daily duties fulfilment of desires and for cultivation of tap.

                                                              ‘‘सावित्रीज्रतो नित्यं स्वर्गमाप्नोति मानव:।
                                                                तस्मात्ह्यद्ध सर्व्र्रयत्नेन स्नात: प्रप्यतमानस:
                                                                गायत्रीं तु ज्रेत्ह्यद्ध भक्त्या सर्वपापप्रणाशिनीम्॥’’

One who understands Gayatri (wich is also known as Savitri) attains heaven. Therefore, one should, after taking bath, perform Gayatri Jap with a calm and collected mind since it destroys all sins.

अपने सुझाव लिखे: