वैज्ञानिक अध्यात्म की भूमिका

Spirituality is defined as righteous way of living with full of ideals and virtues.Scientific spirituality is termed as spiritual disciplines studied and practiced with scientific outlook. In today's modern world, when scientific invention has changed the face of globe, we are lacking inner joy and mental peace. Stress and strains are adding to the agony which the society i facing today. Materialism & capitalism  go hand in hand with the development of science and it's invasion in daily life of human beings.

When Spirituality is looked from scientific perspective, it alleviates the sufferings of ailing humanity and imparts peace. It teaches all human beings, the method to invest in inner harvesting despite living materialistically. His Holiness,Acharya Pt.Shriram Sharma gave this philosophy to all as a "Yug Darshan". This has also been accepted by think tank of today as most practical philosophy.

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