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Spiritualist Way of Thinking - Indian Value System

Values are the basic principles that guide the human behaviour. Indian Scriptures provide insight into the values to be practised for spiritual upliftment. Some of the core values are discussed below. 

Inner and outer integrity in thinking and behaviour is the foremost requirement for the development of healthy personality. “Satyameva jayate naanrutum' i.e. truth always wins, while untruth never wins. This solemn is enshrined in our constitution. There fore one must observe and practice truth. A truthful person remains stable like a rock in adverse situations and does not carry any burden on mind.

Means uprightness according to religious conduct. To respect religion in every field of life, to follow the injections of religion is called dharm acharan or religious conduct. It means carrying out one s responsibility for achieving excellence. The main qualities of the person pursuing righteousness are mental purity, truthfulness in conduct and empathy for public welfare. A religious person does not advertise his belief. His good deeds and simplicity speaks for themselves.

Short Story- A Rare Value
When Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Prime Minister of India, His son said to him one day, Father, today I have
received an appointment letter form this big company and they are offering me a handsome salary”. Lal Bahadur looked at the appointment letter, he smiled and said to his son, “ You have not received this appointment letter on your own merit.Nobody would give you a job which would carry handsome salary. You have got this appointment letter only because you happen to be the son of the
Prime Minister of India. I will not let you accept this job. If you do so, it will mean that I am accepting a bribe. I will not let you do it”. There spoke a truly great man.

The basis of love is to consider others sorrows and happiness as our own. Wee must experience happiness in the happiness of others and feel sorry in the sorrows of others. This sentiment raises us to the high level of 'Vasudhaiva Kutambakama' i. e considering the whole world as family and loving all its members. The other important Values as mentioned in the Yagurveda are as follows -

• Freedom from anger
• Renunciation
• Serenity
• Aversion to fault-finding
• Sympathy for all beings
• Peace from greedy cravings
• Gentleness
• Modesty
• Steadiness
• Energy
• Forgiveness
• Fortitude
• Purity
• Good will
• Freedom from pride

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