आध्यात्मिकता का महत्व


There are two philosophical views that generally guide the course of life. One is man is born sinner and the other is :
each soul is potentially divine. In the western civilization the religious teachings propagate the first view but the entire Indian philosophy is based on the second view. Each and every one can realize the divinity within by righteous knowledge and virtuous deeds. God can not be perceived by limited power of senses but one can experience him in every situation. The only condition is that one does not make an effort to prove this wrong by rigidly or dogmatically trapping one self in a particular line of thought. God Supreme is present in the entire universe. 

A spiritual outlook i.e. giving foremost importance to divinity and immortality of soul (Atman) and considering the body as its mere manifestation is extremely necessary for social and material well being. The meaning of spiritual life lies in putting into conduct the principle of 'simple living and high thinking'. 

God according to the Vedas is Sachchidananda (Sat+ Chit+Anand). Sat stands for truth, chit for pulsating vitality as well as fountain head of knowledge and Anand is bless. Combination all these, the all knowing, life giving eternally blissful and bliss giving God himself. Those who sincerely worship God have no fear from any kind and they never become slaves of material desires, lust, anger and attachment.


Righteous knowledge and virtuous deeds removes the ignorance (imposed by maya) leading to the development of  'atmic shakti' (or the power of the soul). As a result the entry of wicked tendencies subside. This is a great power which brings freshness and luminosity, sharpening of facilities and creating them carrying out the biggest task. 

Atmabal is called asmavarma mayasi meaning this is my Armour of stone. The power of Soul is unconquerable
and free from all conflicts. It is a duty of an individual to recognize the profound power of soul. One should go
on constantly introspecting and removing the faults so that life shines brightly with atmaprakash (the brightness of soul) and becomes bright and cheerful.


Spiritual endeavors helps an individual to attain a high adoration and discipline. The three fold path of Spirituality consists of

Upasana ( worship ) by worshiping and contemplating on divine virtues one tries to imbibe the qualities of God. The divine principles should guide the sadhaks actions and the seekers gathers strength to remain stable and firm in the face of biggest temptations and attractions.
Sadhana ( self discipline) for one's own self through control of body, mind with austerity, celibacy and restraint.
Aradhana (Selfless Service ) for the betterment of society and awakening of the masses.

A person who conducts himself according to the religious percepts always forges ahead, carves out a path of peace and happiness for all and creates a blissful atmosphere.

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