साधना का लाभ


Purity is a spiritual quality. By nature, the soul is pure and beautiful therefore a sadhaks thought and conduct should always be clean.

Mental purity inspires the human being towards a disciplined life by which he becomes blessed with good health and long life. His senses become powerful and profound. With purity of thoughts and actions noble emotions like love devotion, purity, generosity and helpfulness are aroused and divinity develops.


Spiritual endeavors develop positive qualities or satogun in an individual. The development and increase of satogun in a person makes him lively.
This helps an individual to become -
• Pranvaan (full of vitality),
• Ojasvi (luminous with alertness in senses)
• Tejasvi (bright and intelligence )
• Varchasvi (power to inspire others due to strength of character).


The power of brain is generally referred as intelligence. There are many levels of Intelligence and many names. Buddhimata (fullness of intelligence), chaturai (cleverness), hoshiyari (alertness), soojbhooj (insight) and tikshan buddi (sharp intelligence). The Sanskrit saying 'budhiryasya balum tasya'' means One who has intelligence has power. The practice of Gayatri Mantra and contemplation on its meanings has ben accorded the supreme importance in the development of righteous intellect. With righteous intellect the mind
becomes nirmal clean and pure and mental agonies like anger, fear, jealously gets subdued by the satavik influence of medhavi intelligence.


Self Development of an individual is a long drawn process. In this Swadhyaya plays an important role. There are two
meanings of the word swadhyaya, first is the study of life transforming literature which uphold high values.The second meaning is swa adhyaya (swa means self and adhyaya means study observation of self. 

The study of scriptures and good books is a basis of individual progress. Good books fulfil the need of good friends and through them one can find the road of spiritual and moral upliftment. With the study and contemplation of good books, the mind establishes a sentimental unity with that great man which enhances his character, personality and will power.

If one wants to reform others, then first thing one has to do is to bring a revolution in ones life. The power of magnetism should be developed so that brightness in the life of others can be spread. Through self introspection one should develop qualities of Pleasantness', gentleness and humility and work towards the welfare of others.


Firm will power is the principal means of achieving success in any endeavor. A man with firm willpower rests only after the completion of the task. Firmness of mind is possible only when the senses remain controlled. Spiritual practices help an Individual to regulate the thinking patterns and direct its energies in the positive direction.Demoniac tendencies are produced in those individuals who constantly think of material pleasures and sense gratification. As said in the holy book Gita:

Those who are focused on the objects of the senses, become attached to those objects. From attachment comes desire; and from desire comes anger; from anger comes confusion of mind; from confusion of mind comes loss of memory; from loss of memory comes loss of intelligence; and from loss of intelligence comes destruction. But those who can move in the world of the senses, and yet be free from both attachment and aversion, experience inner peace, in which there is no sorrow or sadness. This is wisdom, which arises from knowledge of the soul Devote yourself to freeing the senses from attachment and aversion alike. In this way you will dispel the darkness of ignorance - which most people regard as day and awake to the light of truth. Rivers flow into the sea, but cannot make the sea over flow. In the same way the streams of impressions from the world of senses will flow into your mind, but they will no make your passions overflow. On the contrary you will remain calm and tranquil.

- Bhagwat Gita

The calm and tranquil of mind attained through spiritual practice helps an individual to work with great motivation and achieve excellence.
Such a motivated person with a desire to excel never waves from his path of progress .His involvement, engrossment and dedication give him tremendous success and he lives a 
blissful life.

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