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The Indian culture is described as 'Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara' --- the first and the supreme culture in the world.  It is honored as a divine culture.  Today, when the country is undergoing  haywire transformations on cultural front and  facing cultural diversion and adulteration  --- the influence of occidental civilization and commercialization has over shadowed the way of life of even those who vaunt for the great cultural heritage of India…., it  has become more important to review the original form and expansion of the Indian culture, analyze its foundation-principles in scientific light and present in detail its different aspects, which deal with the day to day life of people and which are useful for the righteous progress of the world…..

The core of Indian culture, as shaped by the revered rishis, revolves around the principle of  'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' - treating the entire world as our own family, which reflects universality of serene love, altruism, sharing of responsibilities and caring for all beings….. The central theme of Indian cultural... See More

The shodas samskaras, performed at different stages of human life, aim at continuous refinement and escalation of the individual self.  The methods of performing these samskaras and adoption of associated disciplines in personal and social life constitute an important component of  Indian cultural system.It is a culture of this type... See More

The principles pertaining to - (i) ascetic control of mental tendencies; (ii) adoption of honesty, generosity, mutual trust, healthy cooperation, morality and integrity of character and deeds; (iii) altruist service; (iv) sincere fulfillment of responsibilities towards the family, society, nation and the world; (v) courageous attitude and endeavors to fight against injustice,... See More

The word 'culture' is a literal translation of  the word 'sanskrati' in Sanskrit language.  According to Sanskrit grammar,  the word 'sanskrati' means -  that action, method or system  which has (or which pertains to)  virtuous  tendencies…. Restraining of the agile mind and cultivation of virtuous tendencies in it is emphasized... See More

Guru - spiritual mentor, Gayatri - the Gayatri Mantra, origin of all Vedas, Ganga - the holy Ganges, Gau (cow) and Geeta  are the five fundamental elements which lie at the core of  the development and practices of the  Indian culture.  It is through these roots that the stout tree... See More

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