Sacramental Rites

The shodas samskaras, performed at different stages of human life, aim at continuous refinement and escalation of the individual self.  The methods of performing these samskaras and adoption of associated disciplines in personal and social life constitute an important component of  Indian cultural system.

It is a culture of this type which produces true saints, altruist social reformers, martyrs, great personalities, intellectuals, scientists and spiritual masters of the kinds of the rishis, who, like angels, bestow the world with divine grace through their noble deeds and ascetic characters….. The purity of intrinsic faith and arousal of inner sentiments are regarded most important for the realization of divinity existing in the inner self.  The methods of upasana prescribed under the Indian cultural principles lend excellent support in this direction. The source of aspirations and happiness and the ultimate core of sentiments - the inner self too gets refined and charged by the devotional practices of upasana and it experiences absolute peace and blissfulness.

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