The First and Supreme World Culture

The word 'culture' is a literal translation of  the word 'sanskrati' in Sanskrit language. 

According to Sanskrit grammar,  the word 'sanskrati' means -  that action, method or system  which has (or which pertains to)  virtuous  tendencies…. Restraining of the agile mind and cultivation of virtuous tendencies in it is emphasized in the Bharteeya Sanskrati (Indian Culture) because mind is the sole source of orientation of one's attitude, deeds and character.  The subtle impulses of consciousness are expressed in the intellect, thoughts and sentiments via the medium of the four inner layers of mind - namely,  mana, buddhi, citta and ahamkara.

Because of its sound footing on the in-depth knowledge of human psychology and science of spirituality, the Indian philosophy adequately deals with unlimited expansion of  different aspects of human life - including those at the most personal to those at the global levels….. Because, Nature and every form of existence has also been treated here as a manifestation of universal consciousness, the materialistic  domain of the world and the nature, functions and activities of  the gross body too fall within the consideration of  this philosophy. The original structure and relevance of the Indian culture is therefore regarded as universal….

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