Fundamental Principles

The principles pertaining to -

(i) ascetic control of mental tendencies;

(ii) adoption of honesty, generosity, mutual trust, healthy cooperation, morality and integrity of character and deeds;

 (iii) altruist service;

(iv) sincere fulfillment of responsibilities towards the family, society, nation and the world;

 (v) courageous attitude and endeavors to fight against injustice, immorality, exploitation, superstition, communalism, castism and similar kinds of  negative  tendencies  and effects  in the personal and social domains; and

 (vi) concrete efforts for healthy maintenance of the ecosystem and purification of the environment of life, etc - are fundamental to the creative practices propagated under the banner of Indian culture.

How the above mentioned 'virtual idealism' could be naturally assimilated in the activities and behavioral transactions of daily life?  This has been the focus of what constitutes the 'traditions' of the Indian culture.

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