A route to Badrinath has been searched out by the northern side of this zone. The distance along the present traditional route from Gomukh to Badrinath is 250 miles (400 Km.), but along this straight  route it is only 25 miles (40 Km.). In the last 2-3 Years, some dare-devil saints have even gone to Badrinath along this route. A porter named Dalip Singh of village Mukhwa who had accompanied a mountaineering party from Switzerland, got the idea of this route. Later, under his leadership 2-3 expeditions took place and all of them succeed in reaching the destination. Starting from Gomukh and halting the first day in the Stone Cave of Tapovan, second day at Sita glacier, their day on Chaturangi  glacier, fourth day on the bank of Arba river and on the fifth day one reaches Badrinath via the villages Gustoti and Mana. To stay at night in a small tent pitched in the open area enduring the severe cold blowing from all sides is nothing short of fighting with death. Still, due to the fatigue, one curls up and gets a couple of hour's sleep. Also by lying huddled up together, some heat is generated.

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